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Estate Planning

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to discuss some Estate Planning topics on the Active Wealth Radio Show with Mr. Ford Stokes of Active Wealth Management

Estate Planning is one of the more complex areas of law, where very small details can make life altering changes.  The majority of individuals never consider investing in making their future wishes known by executing a Living Will and Advanced Health Care Directive.  Sadly, by the time issues arise for many people it is too late to make sure that your wishes for your loved ones are carried out.  Not only does a Living Will provide peace of mind and clarity for the individual themselves, but it also provides clarity for family and loved ones who are left behind to make the necessary decisions.   The process of going through an estate is much simpler with a well executed Living Will and much more cost effective than leaving your family with the task and expense of going through Probate Court for the right to administer and oversee the assets left in your estate.

If you have never considered having a Will created or need to make changes to your previously executed Living Will, please contact the Wehunt Law Firm.




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