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Do I Need Representation For a Traffic Ticket?

If you are ever in a situation where you ask yourself “Do I need Representation For a Traffic Ticket? “, the answer 90% of the time will be yes.  It happens way to often where client’s believe they will be able to work something out on their respective case without the help of legal counsel.  I have met with many individuals recently who thought that because they were only being charged with a traffic offense, classified as a misdemeanor offense in the State of Georgia, that hiring legal counsel didn’t seem necessary.  Although a traffic offense can sometimes be resolved with the payment of a fine, it can also have potential long-term consequences to your drivers license.  If you plea guilty any traffic citations, with a few exceptions,  you will have points assessed to your driver’s license.  The number of points assessed depends on the severity of the offense [For example: A plea of guilty to reckless driving will place 6 points on your license, while a plea of guilty to speeding (15-18 mph over) will result in 2 points on your license].  If you accumulate 15 total points within a two year time period, Georgia’s Department of Driver Services can suspend your license.  For the common adult, having the ability to get in your vehicle and go is paramount to your normal way of life.   Furthermore, instances of more severe offenses or repeat offenses, the State will routinely seek a sentence that includes probation or jail time.  The last thing that anyone thinks about when given a traffic citation is they are going to be placed on probation or required to serve jail time.  Not only can those types of sentences be overwhelming, they can be detrimental to your freedom.  Sadly, every day in a courtroom in this State someone who was placed on probation for a traffic offense is lead away from the courthouse in handcuffs because they weren’t able to meet the terms of their probation.  Don’t take something that appears insignificant for granted.  An experienced attorney can discuss your case with the State and many times resolve the matter without any points being placed on your driver’s license.  Do not allow yourself to take what may seem like the quick way out and find yourself in a worse situation down the road.

Now, with all that being said, there is a completely different set of rules for Georgia’s young adult drivers.  The Department of Driver’s Services has a different set of rules and punishment for driver’s under the age of 21 years.  If a young adult driver enters a plea of guilty to a number of offenses, their privilege to drive is automatically suspended in the State of Georgia.  Those offenses include things such as reckless driving, racing, and speeding in excess of 24 mph.  What might appear on the surface to be a simple traffic offense, can seriously impact young driver’s in Georgia.  For those who are just beginning to drive or have recently been licensed, don’t let a mistake or lack of judgment be a road block to your success.

Let our attorney’s assist you in your fight to keep your record clean and maintain your privilege to drive in this State.


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